We are committed to providing effective, gentle chiropractic adjustments tailored to your needs. Devices that enable us to provide precise, targeted treatment with minimal impact are an essential part of our patient care. The ArthroStim is a proven-effective chiropractic adjustment instrument for a range of conditions. It is ideal for patients who prefer a gentler adjustment style or have localized pain. We use it to replace or supplement more traditional adjustment methods.

How Does the ArthroStim Work?

The ArthroStim is a vibration-based tool that delivers 12 to 14 incremental thrusts per second and can exert anywhere from a couple of ounces to 40 pounds of pressure. The ArthroStim is like an extension of Dr. Owen's hands, enabling her to instantly increase and decrease the force by increasing or decreasing the pressure against the body.

Although the ArthroStim is gentle, it delivers the same force as a manual adjustment focused on a small area, which results in lower impact adjustments. This is especially helpful for older patients or anyone recovering from painful injuries, such as car accident injuries.

We use the ArthroStim on the spine and other areas of the body where precision is crucial. Its targeted, precise capabilities mean you don’t necessarily have to undergo a full spinal adjustment if it's not needed.

The ArthroStim delivers gentle chiropractic adjustments

ArthroStim Benefits

  • Allows for increased precision
  • Can provide immediate pain relief
  • Promotes relaxation and relieves muscular tension
  • Its adjustable range can be tailored to your individual needs
  • Gentle and comfortable treatment: the ArthroStim stimulates the sensory nerve receptors (proprioceptors), which are responsible for detecting the proper motion and alignment of your body’s muscles and joints, without recruiting the pain receptors (nociceptors), leading to a much more comfortable treatment
  • Allows for treatments where the patient is situated in a variety of positions, which makes identifying and targeting specific areas of tension and pain easier. If you feel pain when in a specific position, being able to perform adjustments in that position can give us more information about the injury and treat it more effectively

Who Should Seek ArthroStim Treatment?

The versatility and customizable nature of the ArthroStim make it an excellent choice for a wide range of patients. It is especially ideal for:

  • Sensitive patients or those who do not tolerate manual adjustments well
  • People who prefer a gentler treatment or dislike the "cracking" sensation
  • Stronger or larger patients who are difficult to adjust manually
  • People with localized areas of pain
  • Elderly patients
  • Young children

Are There Side Effects to ArthroStim Adjustments?

ArthroStim treatment side effects are typically minimal and are often a sign that your body is adjusting to the treatment. Many patients feel the pain relief benefits of the ArthroStim immediately, but you might feel sore where we used the ArthroStim for the first couple of days after your first adjustment. It might feel like you’ve been using your muscles for an intensive workout. The best thing to do is to keep moving and stretch within a pain-free range of motion.

Contact us today to learn more and schedule an appointment to see if ArthroStim treatment might be right for you.