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If you or a loved one in Federal Way suffers from pain, numbness, or tingling sensations due to a cervical spine disc protrusion, you may have stopped doing activities you used to enjoy. For many, there is a safe, pain-free solution that is covered by insurance.

What Are The Symptoms of Disc Protrusion?

  • Some people feel pain in their neck with numbness, tingling, or burning into their shoulder, upper arm, and hands. Depending on the nerve affected, there may be numbness and tingling in the pinky and ring finger and sometimes in the thumb and forefinger.
  • Some people feel low back pain with numbness and tingling into their back or the side of their leg, which sometimes extends into the calf or foot.

A disc protrusion can occur anywhere along the spine: the neck, upper back, mid-back, and low back.

What is a Disc Protrusion in the Spine?

Small, flexible discs separate the bones of your spine (vertebra). These flexible discs make it easy for you to move with ease - bend, twist, sit, stand, etc. - without the bones in your spine rubbing against each other (which would be painful). Many things can cause disc protrusion. Common causes are sedentary lifestyle, excess weight, traumatic injury, poor diet, genetics, age-related degeneration, and smoking. Whatever the reason, when a disc bulges, if it touches nerve roots, it will usually cause pain, numbness, tingling, or weakness in the region of the body related to those nerve roots.

Take Action Promptly If You or a Loved Ones Feels Pain, Numbness, or Tingling

Disc protrusion is one of the first signs of disc degeneration. If not treated, the disc protrusion may worsen. With further deterioration, disc material could be released into the spinal canal or neural formaina compressing the spinal cord or nerve roots. As the disc deterioration worsens, there are fewer treatment options until surgery can become the only treatment.

The vertebral distraction pump (VDP) is designed to reduce or remove disc protrusion. Dr. Owens has used the VDP in her chiropractor practice for more than a decade with excellent results. In many cases, it has saved her patients from having to undergo surgery, including laminectomy, micro-discectomy, or fusion-type surgeries.

Safe, Painless, and Covered by Insurance

Vertebral distraction pump is a big name for a small device. It is a hand-held decompression device designed to retract the protruding disc material back into its original space. The VDP has four feet at its base; those feet are placed on the two vertebral segments that are involved. As the plunger on top of the tool is compressed, it gently spreads the two vertebrae apart, creating a negative pressure that sucks the herniated disc material back into the disc. Treatment is painless, has no side-effects, and is covered by insurance as part of your chiropractor appointment.

If you or a loved one have pain, numbness, tingling, or weakness in your shoulders, arms, hands, fingers, legs, or feet, it may be a sign of disc protrusion. Ask us about VDP.

By reversing or minimizing the disc protrusion, you’ll be able to resume more of the activities you enjoy and reduce or stop taking pain medications.

VDP is typically the first treatment we recommend in our Federal Way clinic for disc protrusion because it is safe, painless, and covered by insurance. VDP is trusted by chiropractors across the US and has helped thousands of people.

A vertebral distraction pump can effectively treat disc herniation in all regions of the spine

  • Neck (cervical disc herniation)
  • Upper, mid, and mid-back (thoracic disc herniation)
  • Low back (lumbar disc herniation)

Contact us today to learn more and schedule an appointment to discover whether VDP is the proper treatment for your pain, numbness, tingling, and weakness.