vertebral distraction pump federal way

What does the vertebral distraction pump really do?

The vertebral distraction pump incorporates the flexion – distraction technique in a hand-held instrument, eliminating the need for awkward, hard to master and expensive tables. The vertebral distraction pump has pre-setting, which eliminates the mistake of opening the posterior elements of the involved vertebrae too much. This can enhance and make the disc lesion worse. The vertebral distraction pump offers tremendous precision and control with each application. A chiropractor can safely separate only the posterior aspects of the involved vertebrae.

Dr. Owens uses the vertebral distraction pump on various patient conditions

The vertebral distraction pump is a hand held device that work to retract escaped disc material from the nucleus pulposis that is putting pressure on the escaping nerve roots that can create such conditions as sciatica, Meralgia Paresthetica, cervical radiculopathy and other nerve related conditions. This technique is completely non-invasive alternative to disc surgeries such as a micro-discectomy or laminectomy.