X-Ray Spine - Lateral Views

When to Get X-Rays

Were you injured in a car accident, on the job, or in a slip and fall accident? Are you getting chiropractic adjustments but not improving as quickly as expected? High-quality digital x-rays taken in our office can provide valuable information.

How to Get Your X-Rays

Getting your x-rays is easy and convenient – just schedule an appointment in our Federal Way chiropractic office. Our chiropractor will take your x-rays, then schedule a follow-up visit to review your results and begin your chiropractic treatment.

What We Learn from Your X-Rays

Your x-rays can show whether you have a fracture or other injuries. When we review your x-rays with you, you may see why you are hurting or why your condition may be taking longer to heal than expected – this information can bring peace of mind. The chiropractor will use your x-rays to determine the best adjusting style and whether to avoid any areas during your adjustment.

Insurance Coverage

PIP (car insurance), workman’s compensation (for on-the-job injuries), and health insurance cover the cost of x-rays when considered medically necessary.


Our digital x-ray machine provides high-quality images with less radiation than traditional x-ray equipment. Let us know if you are or might be pregnant. Out of an abundance of caution, we only x-ray pregnant women when necessary.

If you were injured in a car accident, on the job, or in a slip and fall accident, seek treatment promptly. It can reduce recovery time and help you to get back to your usual activities sooner.

Contact us today if you were injured in a car collision, slip and fall, or on the job.