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Did You Know Chiropractors Can Help with Ear Infections?

Ear infections occur when the middle and inner ear (eustachian tube) gets clogged with fluid and bacteria. Sometimes ear infections are painful, and sometimes they feel like plugged ears. An ear infection can cause a sore throat and laryngitis. Eustachian tubes drain into the back of the throat. The eustachian tubes are kinked in young children and babies because their heads are out of proportion to their bodies. As children grow, their eustachian tubes elongate and drain easier. This is why older children and adults rarely get ear infections. When a baby is fed lying on its back in a crib, the milk/formula can enter the opening of the eustachian tubes, creating an infection.

In the allopathic/medical world, tubes are often placed in the eardrums to help the ears drain. The problem is that a child may have to have multiple procedures; this can lead to hearing loss in adulthood. Another problem is that antibiotics are often prescribed.

How can a chiropractor help? Along with the antibiotics to fight the infection, chiropractors can adjust the occiput and C1. The occiput is the base of the skull at the base of the head. It forms a joint with the atlas, the top bone of the neck. Adjusting this joint helps to straighten out the eustachian tube so the ear can drain.

Unlike the potential side effects of tubes in the ears, there are very few side effects with the chiropractic adjustment, except for occasional soreness and loopiness from increased blood flow. Chiropractic adjustments are safe for children; we tone down the intensity of the adjustment.

If a child gets multiple ear infections, a parent should also consider a food allergy or food sensitivity. Any increased inflammation brings an increased risk of infection. A dietician specializing in food sensitivities is a great resource; we can recommend one to you.

If you or a loved one gets ear infections, especially multiple ear infections, see your chiropractor and a registered dietician along with your antibiotic regimen. It can prevent the need to get tubes or other medical procedures.

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